Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Film screening 7 December 7-9pm

In collaboration with one of our VCD students from last year, we will be screening the film, Home in Foreign Land: violence and migration in Central America, on 7 December 7-9pm in DLT. We're really pleased that the film's director, Carlos Sandoval, will be at the screening and there will be a chance to discuss the issues of violence and migration that are part of the film. There is a facebook event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/395698227511275/


Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Partnerships, networks, contradictions

One of the fun things about being in London is the network of people that we interact with. Last night some of us from the VCD course went down the road to the LSE to catch the launch of Oxfam and International Alert's report on 'Partnerships in Conflict.' The event was really well attended with many people from NGOs and civil society organisations sharing interests, concerns and best practice about how to operate in areas of conflict.

While many of the issues raised, including security, independence and accountability, are familiar to those working in this area, it is intriguing to see how they are played out across different contexts and at different moments. Providing aid in situations of conflict is always dangerous and full of contradictions, and it was heartening to see practitioners accepting these difficulties and working together and with donors to find more effective ways of working in the future.

I was happy to get a snap with Oxfam's Yoma Winder, whom I met in Goma in 2002, on stage and - in the foreground - the heads of some of our current VCD cohort :)

State-sanctioned sexual violence against women in the Egyptian revolution

Following from last week's post, this is another video submitted as a piece of group work by some of last year's MSc VCD students....