Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Language Entitlement Programme

Yes, the term is really zipping by. The tree outside my office is gradually realising that autumn is here!
The first essays have been handed in, and I have had lots of discussions about possible dissertation topics, term two options and dealing with deadlines.
There is one new and very exciting conversation that I've been having this year: for the first time, all PG students are given the chance to learn a language. So I've been signing off approval forms for people to study Swahili, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Hindi - there are loads of language courses on offer. Often people have some idea of where they want to work when they've finished studying, and getting the basics of a language now is a brilliant investment for next year.

Full details of the Language Entitlement Programme are here:
Here's a little video of how it works:

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