Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Summer reading

A lot of people have been writing to me asking about summer reading ahead of the VCD course starting at the end of September. You can browse our profiles here: and you'll find several articles that can be downloaded for free.
Here are a few suggestions for books too:
  • Cramer, C. (2006). Civil War is Not a Stupid Thing. Accounting for Violence in Developing Countries. London, Hurst & co.
  • Duffield, M. (2007). Development, Security and Unending War. Cambridge, Polity.
  • Goodhand, J. (2006). Aiding Peace? The Role of NGOs in Armed Conflict. Rugby, ITDG Publishing.
  • Keen, D. (2008). Complex Emergencies. Cambridge, Polity Press.
  • Marriage, Z. (2013). Formal Peace and Informal War. Security and Development in Congo. London and New York, Routledge.
If you're looking for something hot off the press, I received this book last week.
edited by Charles H. Anderton and Jurgen Brauer, Oxford University Press
I have written a chapter for it that looks at the economics of the mass killing in Congo. Here is an abstract of the chapter:
The trade of mineral resources contributed to the mechanisms of mass atrocities in the Democratic Republic of Congo during the war that started in 1998. The peace agreed in 2002 moved to reverse the economic logic of the violence by incentivising belligerents to contest politically. Investigating the shift in the economic configuration, this chapter argues that the focus on high profile actors and high value goods, alongside the oversight of violence, excluded much of the population and their economic activities from the configuration of the peace. The chapter concludes that the peace impeded the deaths by invading armies, but has contributed to other forms of atrocities by rendering the population irrelevant to the country’s economic and political development. This is significant for the analysis of other post-war contexts in which sections of the population are excluded from bargains that prioritize the economic appeasement of elite belligerents.
Happy reading in the sunshine!

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