Thursday, 10 November 2016

A view of Afghanistan

It's always great to hear - and see - what former students are up to. Recently Tony Belgrave got in touch and sent me these photos that he's taken recently in Afghanistan.

Resident holy man in a shrine in Herat 

View of Bamyan valley from the "city of screams" 

Cascading lakes of Band-e-Amir

Woman in burqa in Mazar-e-Sharif

Old caravanserai in herat

View from meditation caves in Bamyan complete
 with 3-7th century frescoes of the Buddha

Herat Citadel

Dragon valley

Entering the great mosque of Herat 

Hazara girl 

Entrance to the kings hunting lodge in Khulm

Dense housing rising above a cemetery in Kabul

Holy man in Herat 

Bamyan tailor heating his iron on a gas stove

Kite runners chasing down fallen kites

Night market action

Mazar-e-Sharif's blue mosque by night

Moon and minaret

Kid manualing in the Musalla Complex, Herat 

Panjshir Valley 

Praying inside a Shia shrine

Jovial shepherd in Samangan

Shrine in Khulm

Sufi smoking hashish

Inside a bazaar


Buddhist stupa carved out of a mountainside

Sufi praying

Ancient tiles

Tunnels connecting underground Buddhist monastery

Wrestling in the park, Kabul

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