Friday, 16 December 2016

End of term and the Imperial War Museum

We have celebrated the term with a trip to the Imperial War Museum. Nice to make a group outing!

The Imperial War Museum

We have talked a lot about perspective in presenting violence and threats in the course of the term. The Imperial War Museum uses a lot of primary sources and - not surprisingly - presents a British perspective on the wars that make up its exhibitions. It was fun to go with our group, representing different many nationalities, and to share our reflections on the way that national identity and the use of violent force is communicated.

As for me, these three photos are my personal perspective on the exhibits - as will be no surprise to anyone who knows me :)

Banjo made from a jerry can in WW2
Slice of the Berlin Wall
The Welbike Motorcycle - foldable and carried by plane to be dropped by parachute during WW2

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