Thursday, 8 February 2018

Alumni panel

We had a great alumni panel last night with four former students from across the department presenting their experiences up to and after studying at SOAS. Their paths were very different: one working with a UK NGO, one writing a PhD, one working in micro-finance, and one in the humanitarian sphere. They all gave engaging accounts of how they have found their career paths and gave excellent advice on identifying organisations to work with, getting an entry point and negotiating into exciting and fulfilling posts.
It is impossible to summarise the advice given, but it was fantastically refreshing to see such enthusiasm and success. Key elements are persistence, patience and vision of where you want to go.
As convenor it is really heartening to see former students doing so well and working in organisations that use their VCD skills and do great work.

Molly Blackburn, Matt Juden, Graham Wrigley and David Jones

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