Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Dept seminar with Benjamin Selwyn and Mark Duffield

What a night; it was fantastic to see the lecture theatre completely packed out. Ben Selwyn, a former PhD student in the department was presenting his new book "The struggle for development" with Mark Duffield and me as respondents.

We took three very different approaches to the discussion. Ben's book focuses on the relationship between capital and labour and the ways of envisaging a future in which the working classes escape their exploitation through radical democracy and participatory economics. Mark presented his work on precarity and the way in which the experiments being carried out on the Global South are foreshadowing the future for the Global North. I took the example of Congo and asked about how people who have been made redundant to a globalised market find ways of changing their lives and life opportunities, despite the constraints they face.

Photo by Jai Bhatia

Photo by Jai Bhatia

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