Friday, 2 February 2018

FAQs from prospective candidates

Frequently asked questions

I have been talking to a number of MSc VCD offer holders; here are some of the questions that come up, and some of my answers :)

  • Are there scholarships?

All scholarships can be found here:

Details of scholarships are released throughout the year, so it is worth checking from time to time.
  • Can I work at the same time as studying?

If your visa permits (or if you do not need a visa) you can work whilst studying. Many students take on a few hours of work a week; if you do this, you will need to organise it round your study schedule. If you need to work more you should study part time.
  • Is there preparation before the course?

There are a few books listed on the website that will orient you with the sorts of debates and perspectives of the course. It is also possible to sign up for your module choices once you have registered, and the earlier you do that, the higher the chance that you will get your first choice modules.
  • What is the time frame for dissertation?
The dissertation proposal is handed in at the end of January. Students are then allocated to a supervisor and work with them until the end of June. July and August are for independent research and writing, and the dissertation is due in early September.

  • Can I learn a language?

You can take a language as part of your MSc (as a module); you can take an evening class, which is not assessed for your MSc (and is charged separately); or you can take a language in term 2 as part of the Language Entitlement Programme.

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