Thursday, 14 November 2013

The journey – onwards and outwards!

This week is the first essay deadline of the year!! The topics in the first term are on the theories and causes of violence, looking at political economy, rational choice and other explanations for violent conflict. Essays are part of the journey, and the aim is to give feedback so that students can learn through their comments and grades and improve on their performance through the year.

The whole of academic life is like a journey – people join for parts, leave and meet later. Last week was Reading Week – a week off lectures :) –  and I went to teach in the University of Addis Ababa. In the airport I met one of our VCD students from last year who is now working in Ethiopia, and the long wait in the visa queue flew by.

I was teaching on a Masters programme on Managing Peace and Security in Africa. Its students are high-level professionals from security-related positions across the continent. I had a brilliant week sharing my security notes with them and hearing their insights and experiences. Here’s a pic of me with the cohort and staff.

Institute of Peace and Security Studies, Addis Ababa University

At the end of the week I caught up with Chris Cramer who was in Addis presenting some findings from his research of fair trade. I didn’t get a photo – sorry to his fans!!! – but he did send me this from Luton airport!

State-sanctioned sexual violence against women in the Egyptian revolution

Following from last week's post, this is another video submitted as a piece of group work by some of last year's MSc VCD students....