Monday, 18 December 2017

Violence, Conflict and Development Workshop

We are just finishing up for the term, but looking forward to 2018 :) A highlight that is already on the horizon is our Violence, Conflict and Development Workshop, which will be held on 16 January.

The workshop has been expertly put together by Joshua Rogers and Bilge Sahin, and a full programme is here:

Panel I: Violence, Intervention, and State Formation
Respondent: Dr. Dann Nasemullah, Kings College
Ponsiano Bimeny, SOAS
Constructions of the State, Violence, and the Political Settlement in South Sudan
Joshua Rogers, SOAS
Tribes, Local Militias, and Dynamics of State Formation
Neil Loughlin, SOAS
Land Grabbing and Cambodia’s Winning Coalition
Panel II: Micro-Level Approaches to Peace and Violence
Respondent: Dr. Helena Perez Nino, SOAS
Nicholas Pope, SOAS.
Militias, Bargaining, and Relationships: On the Form and Function of Urban Violence
Dr. Yusuf Sheikh Omar, SOAS.
Somali Diaspora: Knowledge, and skills transfer as peace building in the war-torn state of Somalia
Xandra Miguel-Lorenzo, LSE.
Gender-based violence and Development in the Solomon Islands: A Religious-based Response

Panel III: Gender Perspectives on Law and Violence
Respondent: Dr Samantha Ashenden, Birkbeck
Noemi De Los Angeles Perez Vas, SOAS
Women and Prosecutions of International Crimes in Timor-Leste
Bilge Sahin, SOAS
Justice vs. Violence: the Justice Initiatives on Challenging Sexual Violence Crimes in Armed Conflict in DR Congo
Ebru Demir, Sussex
Women's sexual and reproductive rights in post-conflict situations through a 'transformative justice approach’

Meanwhile, here's the SOAS Christmas tree :)

State-sanctioned sexual violence against women in the Egyptian revolution

Following from last week's post, this is another video submitted as a piece of group work by some of last year's MSc VCD students....